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22 December 2011

2012, a great birthday has changed over the years!

My age change for a coming soon birthday

Another birthday....2012 is coming soon. How did that happen so fast? It is amazing how much less excited I am about birthdays than I used to be. I guess the bright side is that now I am old enough to run for teaching proficiency in my folk downtown Slim River . I think I could do at least as good a job at it as some of the yahoos who run!

I had a nice day going to the farmers market (pasar tani) , buying some more petai for the hot petai paste (sambal tumis petai), taking a long nap and going to bookclub this evening. And my wonderful wife got me a Circuit (that won't mean much to the non-scrap bookers out there) that I am so excited to use! Of course since I can't even seem to get the pictures loaded from my camera it may be a while until I have something to scrapbook (never mind the 15-some year backlog of pictures I already have loaded to my blog saifulfromslim. And we are going to have chicken rice for dinner tomorrow. Amazing how my idea of a great birthday has changed over the years!


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