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“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the and the blind can see”

MY Frenz / MY Sahabat

01 December 2011



I’m walking through towns I’ve not seen,
Passing new people I’ve not met before.
But they seem better friends than the ones I already know,
They do not judge me with previous knowledge,
Rather, they judge with a greeting
And they judge me by my response.
And my response is always there,
I always accept a greeting presented to me
And likewise give it back.
All it takes to make a friend is the word ‘hello’
Or something to that ilk,
And a world, a future of happiness awaits for both.

When comes the time for you to be stabbed in the back by that friend,
Think not of the pain but the action.
Do not be sad that it has happened,
Instead be happy that such a thing has happened to you,
It could happen to anyone
And to anyone else it could have.
A friend is a thing of beauty, of patience, love and disaster,
Perhaps even at the same time,
But I feel that may just be the point.
Friendship is not simple,
If it was there wouldn’t be hate.
Instead it is a journey of struggles and fun,
And after struggles the fun awaits.
To walk through the fields
And not feel sad, or angry or hateful
Or any emotion but love and happiness is something joyous.
To talk with a whisper and expect someone to hear it
Than simply have it heard
Proves the effort is worth it all,
And it has no worth.
To laugh not at jokes, but at the situation
That all is good and always should be.
Not will be or could be,
Of course it could all go wrong.
But no one said anything is perfect.
Time changes too fast,
People age, people die,
But even death should not anger you.
No, it should make you happy.
Proud that you’ve seen a good life go by.

And the sight of their body should make you smile, not cry.
Because the lifelessness has started
As the happiness is over.
So it is with pride you must stand and accept,
That life will simply end,
At its own accord, at yours, at fate’s hand or God’s,
You must know that it won’t always last.
Because people are not made to last,
Instead we make the things that last.
Not just with hands, but with mind, body and soul,
And it is time that proves this.
Friendship of course, has lines to cross,
But so do states and countries,
So what’s done must be observed by one,
And the mistakes performed by another.
My advice to you, if you feel you must hear it;

Take life by both hands, but take a friend by one.
They may be important, but to yourself, you are even more
And friendships don’t always last.
Look after yourself, look after others too.
But don’t be burdened with sadness when you are lonesome.
You should expect the worst, pray for the best,
And never give up in between.

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