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09 April 2013

10th April 2013 - Happy Birthday to our dearest daughter Syafina Fasya

Happy Birthday to our 
dearest daughter Syafina Fasya

10th April 2013 – Uitm Bandar Tun Razak, PahangToday 10th April 2013 is a very special day, because it is the day when we first saw our angel. May you never grow up for  us! Have a lovely birthday my angle Syafina Fasya

You have always made us proud. Happy Birthday to our dearest daughter Syafina Fasya.

No matter how old you are, to me you will always be my little girl. Have a brilliant Birthday Syafina!

You are the most beautiful gift anyone has ever been gifted with. Happy Birthday to the best daughter Syafina in the whole wide world!

Happy Birthday to my little girl Syafina Fasya. I wish you to love life and never stop dreaming! May beauty and happiness surround you today and always!

We feel so proud and happy to see that our little girl Syafina Fasya has grown into such a fine, young and beautiful woman. Much love and blessings coming your way.

Having a daughter named Syafina Fasya, for us Mak & Abah means...
Seeing a thousand rainbows every day,
A thousand occasions of sweet hurray,
A thousand sweet dreams every night,
And a thousand reasons to laugh and smile!
Happy Birthday to you, angel!

As parents we hope that you touch the life of thousands of other people with the same happiness, care and love that you have touched ours. Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the whole wide world!

Birthday candles, 
Birthday cake, 
Birthday song, 
And wishes made!

May you always be happy, healthy and wealthy... so that you can take care of us when we are old 

Happy Birthday to our beloved daughter Syafina Fasya. May you be blessed with all the good things you deserve.

Today the date 10th April 2013, is so important to everyone who knows Syafina Fasya, and who loves the amazing person you are. On your birthday and always, you're wished everything wonderful!

Abah: Saiful Anuar Safian
Mak: Kasmah @ Hana Sumani
Sister’s n brother:
Nurulaina Fasya
Mohd Hafizul
Suhainiza Fasya
Noratiqah Fasya

Slim River, Perak



    Mari join segmen yang Eyrra buat ni... Jom menjadi pengarah filem dalam segmen Eyrra ni.. Buat entry yang ringkas n padat jalan ceritanya... Mari mari mencuba... siapa kah cerita yang paling ohsem antara-antara blogger yang join segmen Eyrra ni...

  2. Salam, dia dulu kat UPM kan...konvo 2012...ape dia buat skrg tuan dah kerja ke?

  3. Waalaikumsalam, ye di UPM....skrg dah jadi Lecturer kat UITM


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