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17 February 2012

why I become a teacher

Why I became a teacher
I love learning and wanted to be able to share that love and develop it in others for a life time. I was also bored in my repetitive office job and wanted a job that was challenging and varied.

I begin accepted teaching as my career  in the year 1980, going through teachers training and capture a qualifying dignity to teach students in a secondary school on remarkable date I always remembered that’s the 5th January 1981.   

I don't know exactly what started me to actually give teaching a chance because many things in my life's course threw me every which way but in the direction I thought I should be going. I can only say it was always who I am but never let the teacher in me out till there was no other avenues.
I didn't choose it for money" that is for sure", and I didn't choose because I wasn't or couldn't make money. I chose it because it's me" what I am" my beliefs, and values in life. If anything, it was a huge sacrifice because most people choose to chance the almighty dollar" I enjoy the freedom money buy you but I don't like the compromises in my beliefs and values" not saying I am an ulamak or morally living life to some standard of that " I enjoy off beat life styles to some extent" but what I am saying is there is nothing closer, purer, or my rewarding to me than being a teacher, teaching, and helping others learn-achieve in life.

It is like my passion and I don't exactly know why. Till now in the year 2012 I still extended my  career  as a teacher till the coming year 2017.

                                                     5th Januari 1981
                                   3rd January 1997 till now..2012


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