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01 April 2011

a birthday

Dear Noratiqah Fasya:

I've been debating what to write for your annual birthday letter wanting to give you bright, happy thoughts.

I can't believe you're going to be sixteen years old on the 30th march 2011. It seems like only a blink away I saw you swaddled in white in the Dutchess of Kent hospital. I'm so glad you have such a great family. I (Abah) loves you so much and create phone call all the time about how you're doing. Mak keep on remebering your first al quran recital since your age began seven..I just can’t twist a rewind of it.

They should tell me you're having your party at the mrsm boarding school that you really love it. I know you'll have a blast. In my unusual tradition I'll be releasing the balloons at the park where we had Placement sixteen of them this year. I'll watch them float up to the sky and again wish you a happy birthday as the balloons climb higher and higher into the clouds. My once deep sorrow has now turned into heartfelt happiness knowing that you enjoy a new, good life each day with your adoptive parents that your homeroom and your school mates. You get to have all the things I was never able to give you including peace and stability which every child deserves.

Soon the Akedemi Fantasia will be on t.v. again just like two year years ago when I watched, the concerts with you. Those were memorable times I will treasure always.

I used to be awkward when asked about you by others but now I proudly say, "She lives with her adoptive family n friends in Kampung Gajah." I do have some of your pictures displayed all over our tarrace home like in the commonroom where a copy of your kindergarten hangs by some of my framed collection on the cabinet at home. Now I can't imagine my life without you. It is like the chapters before you came along don't exist.

Every day I thank God Allah s.w.t for you.

Happy 16th Birthday!

I love you,

Abah... Saiful Anuar Safian
30th March 2011

Iqah HAPPY birthday

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