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MY Frenz / MY Sahabat

13 March 2011

FrIeNd tTaCkEd fOR tHE pAsT 30 yEaRs cliCK yEah

The man named Ramlan Ramsoo, now in their 50s, began knowing as a best gaya college friends...knowing each other when they were about 20 years old. In the past three months we  have been e-mailing each other via facebook social streaming creation.

Years of sending photographs and mementos came to a special climax when Zainal Abidin Yaacob, of  Penang Isles, arrived in Slim River on June 18 2010 to visit me. The one meeting at Aloha Restaurant a wellknown Mamak food centre in Slim River hit it off instantly.

This sparked a local meet that one man would find in his own country that was not released in the other country

Their first in-person visit turned out pleasant and there may be more planned in the future. But for certain they will continue the internet chats and a local reunion gathering if there is hope on it.

Mr Ramlan...and Mrs Sholehah....
Thanks for your simple individual reunion between us

FrOM ThE AlbUm FrIeNd tTaCkEd fOR tHE pAsT 30 yEaRs cliCK yEah
by Saiful Anuar Safian

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