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14 April 2011

My Boy Birthday 14th April 2011

Happy Birthday Mohd Hafizul Saiful Anuar,

Today you turn twenty. That's an important age...right there between childhood and adulthood, perched precariously at the point where you're too old for a lot of things but too young for many others.

You're growing up so fast. It doesn't seem like any time at all since you were just a thought...a wish. From the moment your mother and I married, we knew we wanted you. Your name was chosen long before we knew we would have you...Mohd Hafizul...strong and manly.  

Just the idea of you brought joy to our lives. It took a few years, but eventually we were blessed from Allah s.w.t and found ourselves awaiting your entrance to the world. You must have been eagerly anticipating greeting the world as well, because you decided to arrive one months earlier than science and nature intended.

It was a very frightening time for us. You were so small, so fragile, clinging to life. The doctors from the Dutchess of Kent Hospital in Sandakan thought you would be hospitalized for at least 1, maybe 2 months...but what a fighter you turned out to be! We brought all 5 pounds, 7 ounces of you home with us only one days after you were born, and ever since then, we've marvelled at your strength. 

From Abah and Mak
14th April 2011
Slim River, Perak

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