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“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the and the blind can see”

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10 April 2011

Birthday in the 10th of April Dutchess of Kent Hospital Sandakan Sabah

Birthday in the 10th of April Dutchess of Kent Hospital Sandakan Sabah

I sit here and think back to the night you were born on the 10th of April 1988.You tucked away within my body, just the three of us.  You and Mak shared private moments that no one else could take part in.  A Mak, Abah and Syafina Fasya bond created even before we laid eyes on one another.
I knew you were coming that cold night twenty three years ago.  My body knew and it gave me queues all afternoon. I reveled in the thought that I would soon hold you within my arms.  I stayed at home for as long as possible knowing I wanted to have you to myself for just a bit longer. That’s Mak told abah about you on the 9th of April.

You’re not the most patient child, never have been so it’s no surprise that my labor with you was extremely fast and hard.  Once you decided you wanted to see the world there was no slowing you down.  I nearly had you at home!  My body and I worked together like magic and birthing you gave me one of the most empowering and uplifting experiences of my life that your mak words to abah.  Not only were you born that night but something within me, a feeling of pure strength and empowerment that I’ve never before felt in my life, was also born that night. 

When they laid you against my chest I looked down at your angelic plump face and thanked Allah s.w.t.  I felt the presence of Abah wrapped around the both of us.  My heart was bursting with love and it was as if you and I had known each other all of our lives. 
As you grow and experience life, I want you to remember who you are and where you come from. Remember that you are strong and you can accomplish anything no matter how long the roads to your goals look.   Nothing is impossible.  Think outside the box.  Always have faith and stay true to yourself.  Be confident and take pride in who you are but also stay level headed.  Remember that everyone is different and different is beautiful.  You will realize that beauty will get you many things but always remember that the inner beauty you hold within is the most powerful and what will make you the most beautiful.  Be kind and compassionate.  Not only to everything around you, but also to yourself.  Stay safe and treat your body as a temple. 

Laugh.  Oh do laugh!  Your giggle is just one of the many things I love so much about you.  The room lights up when you laugh and my heart sings.  Laugh with your friends, laugh at the world, and laugh at yourself.  If you can’t laugh at yourself then you take life too seriously.   

Dream big.  Dream colorful.  Dream magic.  Dream beyond the stars.  Everything big starts as something small.  Leap high and go for it! 

I have faith in you my beautiful daughter.  I love you forever and look forward to a lifetime of experiences with you.  Thank you for all the smiles and even some of the tears.  Thank you for always loving me and teaching me everyday how to be a better person.  Thank you for being a part of our family.  But most of all…Thank you for just being you.

Happy birthday my sweet, sweet girl named Syafina Fasya
May Allah s.w.t always bless you in gaining health and happiness
From Abah & Mak (Saiful Anuar Safian & Kasmah Sumani)

Date of Birth: 10th April 1988

Age at this date: 23 years 0 months
                           : 276 months
                          : 1,200 weeks

                          : 8,400 days


my syafina AGE 4


                                        my syafina AGE 4

my syafina AGE 23

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