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12 May 2012

sembang kat dewan sebelum exam

td pegi hantar ank exam, untuk PTD kat KMPK Gopeng...sempat sembang dengan Danial Lee seorg yg turut ambil exam...2 perkara menarik minat pasal kate2 Danial Lee.

The Malay students demonstrated for PPPTN to be abolish really make me happy...only in just a week after making PTPTN loan totally been terminated. Danial me all the malays student involved are actually ignorant in understanding political situation. Most of them are below 2.5..but we non malays actually the right winner in the demonstration.....but these malays bulls go on shouting and barking on the street. We chinese just go on with political fluctuation by recognizing only the DAP.

To us PKR is just a moment minute party which will be diminish by the Chinese when the time come. To us PAS is totally racist kampung folks political party just because we need them as catalyst in gaining our hopes. To me UMNO is a semi racial party too but for losing in this coming election to me its just a fantasy but both party's PKR n PAS actually increases DAP sits both parliamentary n states in d coming election.

p/s: betul ke tipu cakapnya...aku tak pasti...tapi aku tertarik . Aku  tak bertengkar pun dgn dia tp mengiktiraf kebebasan dan wawasan dia bicara demi bangsanya...malangnya kite nie terus yakin tanpa berfikir

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