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30 May 2011

Golden days to be remember

Golden days to be remember - My former SRJK(I) SLIM RIVER

Go to any primary school today and children are playing and laughing gardens, but nearly 46 years ago it was quite a different place.

SRJK (I) Slim River (Government English Primary School) a simple wooden buildings once formed part of the English School, in year 1965 “school” for children need English as a motivator in their coming living hood establishment.

As part of Slim River 53th anniversary the man from Slim is looking at places that form part of the town’s history.

A history by Saiful Anuar Safian, been neglected or overlook? The SRJK (I) School, records it was opened in the early 1930’s or 40’s  following the neglected and overlook  to accommodate the increasing number of deserted or neglected in English education children in the aftermath of the Slim community.
The school’s aim was to teach the children English as an art of living for success

 SRJK (I) change to SK Slim River with changes to the old former wooden blocks
In a review by Head Master Mr Wazir Singh 1965, 10 of the 80 boys at the time had achived  a good achievement in the standard five assessment examination, which caused 4 boys and girls to lose their opportunity to gain the secondary educations allocations in the special Malays classes programme in Anderson School Ipoh due to poverty and parents interest.

At its height, the school was plagued with problems ranging from inadequate class room, shortage of water in the student comfort room , below standard electrical wiring and furnitures.the 1965 generation still trusted SRJK(I) as the main stream for sucessing English learning for their future.

A single story building then formed part of the SRJK (I)  that then became the headmaster office and administration Centre and a few class room in 1969.

The principal Mr Wazir Singh said a lot of work went into restoring the buildings and grounds of this school.
“We did take away additions that weren’t in keeping with the heritage of the site,” He said.
“To even look at the trees, someone had the foresight to plant them and now they’re heritage-listed.
“I feel quite privileged to realise we’re walking where they walked and there are some very sad stories of the past.

But from a cold history with not enough water or resources, SRJK (I) is now a school educating 400 pupils in very different conditions.

“During our curriculum we do revisit the history from time to time,” Mr Wazir Singh  said especially during the Monday weekly assembly held.

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  1. I am glad I found this blog!! Yes I remember Mr.Wazir Singh and all those teachers who made my learning days so happy and enjoyable. nealry 47 years ago.How I laughed and played with abandonment with my school mates and trekked through with them and my teachers on the nature's walk. the free ride on the bullock cart as they cow herd transported cut grass for his herd.Watching the trains go by as we waited in the bus for the gated to open and watch the soldiers chew gum as they passed in those army truckstrains. Golden days indeed. The horrendous bullies -2 sisters sakuntala kandasamy + Selvi kandasamy who made my life unbearable!! may God punish them I pray still.Thank you for posting this and allowing me to walk through with my memories too. God bless you.


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